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SILQ Hair Eraser

SILQ Hair Eraser

✓ Removes unwanted body hair without any pain
✓ Re-usable for up to 1 year
✓ Exfoliates the skin
✓ Safe to use

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SILQ Hair Eraser vs Others




Smooth skin

Easy to use

Easy to clean



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Achieve great results with the SILQ hair eraser!


Remove body hair using the SILQ Hair Eraser with gentle circular motions

Questions? We have the answers!

With the SILQ Hair Eraser, you have the flexibility to remove hair from multiple body areas such as the arms, legs, chest, back and bikini line.

If you have sensitive skin, we suggest performing a patch test on less sensitive areas like the arms or legs.

However, please keep in mind that using it on your face or other highly sensitive areas is not recommended due to the thinner and more delicate skin in those regions.

Rest assured, the SILQ Hair Eraser delivers confident, hair-free results while ensuring your skin's safety and comfort

The SILQ Hair Eraser is the key to smooth, irritation-free hair removal. It prevents strawberry skin, razor bumps, burns and cuts, while also exfoliating the skin and reducing ingrown hairs. Experience pain-free, flawless results with the SILQ hair eraser.

What sets the SILQ Hair Eraser apart from other hair erasers on the market is our commitment to user comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Our hair eraser features a human-friendly handle designed for a stronger grip, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold during use.

Additionally, our device incorporates advanced nano-technology, enabling you to remove hair as close to the hair pockets as possible. This precision and efficiency result in a smoother, longer-lasting hair removal experience, setting the SILQ Hair Eraser miles ahead of the competition.

Cleaning the SILQ Hair Eraser is a very simple task. All you need to do is place it under running water to wash away any hair or residue. This uncomplicated process ensures that your hair eraser is consistently clean and prepared for your next hair removal session. It's an effortless way to ensure your device remains in top condition!

When using the SILQ Hair Eraser, the frequency of use can vary based on your skin's tolerance and the rate at which your hair grows back. Some people find it beneficial to use it once or twice a week, while others prefer to use it once every two or three weeks. It is important to discover the ideal schedule that accommodates your skin's needs and the speed of your hair's regrowth.

While not mandatory, incorporating SILQ's aftercare products into your hair removal routine is a smart choice for maintaining the well-being and vitality of your skin. Using SILQ's aftercare products is beneficial for your skin. These specialized products are designed to provide essential care and support after hair removal, promoting healthier, smoother skin. Your skin will thank you for the extra care and attention!

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Satisfied with my purchase.


Wow it really works and fast also, flabbergasted!


Great for hair removal.

Very good

Very good product and easy to use. Smooth finish and fast delivery!

Really good

Works really good.